Dr. Taylor

​I am a literacy consultant working with teachers PreK-8, administrators and parents in developing intentional literacy practices along a constructivist literacy continuum. My roots are in New Zealand and over my 52 years in teaching, I have been a K-3 classroom teacher and grades 4-8 reading teacher, a Reading Recovery teacher since 1989 and a Reading Recovery Teacher-Leader since 1991. I came to the USA in 1994 to implement Reading Recovery in a Michigan service agency Since 2009, I have been an independent literacy consultant and continue to work as a Reading Recovery Teacher-Leader in the South Lyon Community Schools Reading Recovery site. I have taught many classes, workshops and tutored students online over the time of the pandemic and continue to do this.

I earned my Ph.D. in Reading with a minor in Early Literacy at Oakland University, Rochester, Michigan in 2006. I work extensively in schools modeling and coaching for the transfer of best literacy practices into the classroom to support all learners.

​I offer a range of consulting services, and believe that "one size does not fit all." I support the "Science(s) of Reading Theory" and believe there are many ways in for readers to learn using all sources of input with understanding what you read as the outcome. Above all I strongly feel that ‘JOY’ in what we are reading must be an engaging and motivating factor. If children are struggling to learn to read, we are bound as teachers to give them whatever help they need.

To quote Dr. Rosalie Fink: The study… explores how adults with dyslexia, who may continue to lack strong integration of lower level “print” skills, succeed in constructing higher order “meaning” skills. This analysis underscores the need for a balanced approach to literacy instruction that includes both “print” and “meaning” aspects. It emphasizes the need to integrate solid interest-based approaches as a centerpiece of instruction.

-Fink, R.P. Literacy development in successful men and women with dyslexia. Ann. of Dyslexia 48, 311–346 (1998).

Whether you're looking for a small tweak or complete overhaul, I can help. My services are available a la carte so you can get precisely what you need.
I have a long history in working with children learning to listen, speak, read and write. I am one of six children, a wife, a mother of two, a grandmother of four and an aunt and great aunt of too many nieces and nephews to count! I live with my husband, love bridge, my Labrador and three cats, in rural Michigan.

"Dr. Taylor is an outstanding educator with a rich understanding of literacy. She has amazing skills at working with teachers, and is always kind, but direct. She will support the growth of both novice and experienced teachers, helping them deepen their understanding of effective instruction as well as the theory behind the practice. And best of all she is always fun to work with!" -Dr. Michele Defresne, CEO, Pioneer Valley Books

"Dr. Taylor has been instrumental in shifting instruction forward in our district. The depth of Dr. Taylor’s knowledge about reading development in our young students as well as the teacher moves needed to launch that development forward is unparalleled. Through her coaching and modeling, our staff is making massive shifts in their understanding of reading instruction, in their ability to diagnose the needs of their students and in their ability to identify next steps for each learner. Dr. Taylor's straight forward, witty and entertaining approach is both refreshing and encouraging, I only wish she was a permanent member of our team!"

-Jennifer Herbstreit, Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction

"Dr. Michal Taylor has an incredible depth of knowledge of early literacy and classroom teaching. Her professional learning work with our district has included whole group presentations, small group coaching, and individual 1:1 coaching; and in every context her support for literacy learning, high quality instructional practices, and student learning is exemplary. -Dr. Kathy Highfield, Coordinator of Curriculum and Staff Development

"Our literacy professional development with Dr. Taylor has been the most meaningful long term professional development I have ever been involved in." -Dr. Kari Selleck, Curriculum Director

"Dr. Taylor's professional development generates deep thinking and productive conversations among educators. She helps educators focus on effective classroom practices and teaching students to be lifelong learners." - Ann Castle, Elementary Program Coordinator & Instructor, Department of Teaching Education


My Approach

My Clients Speak

Each school district is unique. One-size-fits-all approaches will never help your teachers and students reach their full potential. I deliver custom solutions, tailored to you; your school culture, your one-of-a-kind challenges. My focus is developing intentional literacy practices along a constructivist literacy continuum. 

Throughout my career I have refined several areas of expertise which serve to build capacity in schools. In order to build a successful infrastructure, I will:
· Develop Principals as Instructional Leaders.
· Plan and facilitate ongoing support as they implement             comprehensive literacy programs.
· This will result in more focused efforts to reach and teach all     students.